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Burglar-Proof Your Home’s Windows

You may be surprised to learn that home burglaries have declined 4.1% consecutively over a 17-year span. The decline in these crimes is largely due to the increased focus and investment in home security systems, enhanced outdoor lighting, added motion detectors, and burglar-proofing doors and windows. This is great news for homeowners in the DC metro area who have already taken precautionary measures to safeguard their homes from these offenses.

But what every homeowner needs to know is how Zen Windows DC can help make your windows more burglar-proof.

Why It’s Important to Burglar-Proof Your Windows

No one ever expects a home intrusion or knows exactly how they would respond if one occurred. Windows are almost as popular as doors when it comes to burglary entry points. The more difficult it is for a burglar to access your precious valuables, the less likely it is that the burglary will occur. Burglaries are usually the perfect incentive for being concerned about window security.

Windows are often easy access points in your home, meaning their security is important. However, many homeowners often neglect their window security until something provokes them into action. Neglecting your window security places all your other measures at risk.

An essential element of assessing window security is understanding the inherent weaknesses of windows and how they are used in the home. Once this has been done, homeowners can better implement burglar-proof windows. Window protection with Zen Windows DC is just as important as any other physical security measures such as home security systems. At Zen Windows DC, we offer an uncomplicated, no-pressure, stress-free window-buying experience to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Features of Burglar-Proof Windows

Let’s take a look at the ways homeowners in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and DC can achieve window security through fully functional burglar-proof windows from Zen Windows.

  • High-quality locks: Security solutions must address every possible weak point, which is why burglar-proof windows also incorporate window locks as a security measure. If the locking mechanisms on your windows are ineffective or if you have none, your window security and protection are at risk. There are so many window features to select from, but we can help you figure out the fine details.
  • Impact resistance: When you are shopping with us for burglar-proof windows, we recommend considering features that improve your safety from intruders. We offer impact-resistant windows that offer the right combination of frame materials, glass, and hardware to create a durable product that deters break-ins and can even handle the bad storms in the DC area.
  • Energy efficiency: The features that make a window energy-efficient ― such as a tight seal and two or more panes of glass to prevent heat transfer ― can also make it more secure. A tight seal means it’s harder to open the window from the outside, and multiple panes mean a window that’s harder to break. Don’t judge a window’s security solely by its energy efficiency (other features, like locks, play a critical role). However, energy-efficient features can deliver a one-two punch against high energy bills and intruders.

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Areas of the Home That Need Special Attention

Break-ins or burglaries can feel personal and terrifying, which could make it difficult to ever feel safe in your own home again. To keep culprits from ever getting inside, there are numerous things you can pay attention to around your home.

Window security is heavily influenced by and dependent on perimeter security. Tall shrubs in front of windows actually help intruders, rather than blocking access to the windows. They serve as a place for intruders to hide, allowing them more opportunity to plan their break-in. So, it’s important to increase your window visibility by planning your landscaping carefully and keeping bushes trimmed.

The average home has at least one window located on the ground level, which can be easy to reach and an easy target for burglars. These windows deserve extra attention, either in the style of windows you select or in extra security measures. Zen Windows DC can help you find viable burglar-proof window solutions for any high-risk areas in your home.

Final Thoughts

Burglar-proof windows are an essential part of window security. Following the guidelines discussed above will help you strengthen and protect your window security and keep intruders at bay.

If you have any questions regarding burglar-proof windows, please call us at 240-690-8064 or reach out online.

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