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Front Door Installation & Replacement for Washington, DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia

Your entry door is your visitors’ first glimpse into the style that makes your house a home. Your home. It reflects the sense of care you have about your home’s appearance.

new front door enhances your home’s curb appeal and can increase the value of your property. So, the ROI (return on investment) can be substantial when you invest in a new Zen Windows DC entrance door.

The ROI is approximately 74.9% for a replacement front door. Whether you’re looking for front doors, back doors, sliding patio doors … we have what you need. Request a free quote today. Call 301-337-5656 or contact Zen Windows DC to learn more.

5 Reasons You Need a New Front Door

When you’re building a new home, choosing an entry door is exciting! You have so many possibilities: materials, styles, and colors. When choosing a replacement door, you still have plenty of options, but now there are additional considerations.

You want your door to complement your current architecture. It should fit properly, with no scraping or locking difficulties. It should allow the amount of light you want: no more, no less.

You need a new front door if your current entrance door is:

  1. Too accessible – If anyone can access your home through your front door with minimal effort or by quickly “jimmying” your door, you have serious security issues. Many say burglars actually prefer wooden doors to fiberglass doors. (Another tip: If you want to hide a front door key in a fake rock, put the rock in a trusted neighbor’s yard, not your own.)
  2. Damaged/broken – If your front door won’t shut properly or is damaged, you’re likely losing energy and paying more for your heating/cooling bills than necessary. More importantly, you’re compromising your home’s security. Impairments to your door will only get worse if neglected.
    Damage includes:

    • Condensation on glass/panes
    • Cracks/holes
    • Dents
    • Rust
    • Won’t open/close or lock properly
  3. High-maintenance – Wooden doors can crack, rot, and warp, and it takes a bit of an effort to keep them looking fresh and new. Their paint chips and peels in areas that have extreme seasonal weather (like Maryland and Northern Virginia). Steel doors can rust in high-humidity or coastal areas. Today’s composite materials and sturdy fiberglass doors are designed for modern architecture as well as historical homes, and they are low-maintenance for years of beauty.
  4. Losing air/letting air in – Do you really want to heat your yard? That’s what a leaky door or doorframe does. Energy efficiency is important to homeowners in Maryland and Northern Virginia, not just because it saves the planet, but also because it saves money! And new, properly installed replacement doors are simply better insulated than older doors.
  5. Unattractive – A rundown front door is ugly and reduces the curb appeal of your property. A new door is an affordable investment that pays off in property value enhancement. It’s an opportunity to add a splash of color to traditional styles, “open up” your entrance to light, and increase home security.

First impressions matter, and your front door is the first impression people have of your home. Make sure it’s attractive and safe. And don’t let money worries compromise your security or reduce the value of your property. Zen Windows DC has affordable solutions to doors and windows plus financing options. Call 301-337-5656 or contact Zen Windows DC today.

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