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Casement Window Installation in DC Metro Area

casement windows installed in homeThere’s much to see in Washington, DC. From the beautiful cherry trees to the monuments and historic buildings, you will find that the city offers beautiful views around every corner. Are your windows letting you enjoy those views? Zen Windows DC offers replacement windows that will help you take in the view. Whether your windows are drafty and hurting your home’s efficiency or outdated and need an upgrade, you can trust Zen Windows DC to help.

As part of our comprehensive replacement window services, Zen Windows DC offers casement replacement windows. With quality windows and professional installation, our casement replacement windows can make your Washington, DC home look its best.

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Understanding Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular window choice in Washington, DC. These windows work very well in historic homes in the area. They have a hand crank that pushes them open and closed, similar to a door. French-style casement windows have two panels that open inward, and these are becoming increasingly popular because of their aesthetics.

Some benefits of casement windows in Washington, DC include:

  • Improved ventilation: The wide opening of casement windows allow more ventilation into your home.
  • Great views: Take in all that makes Washington, DC so important with unencumbered views. Casement windows have fewer muntins separating the panes of glass, providing a better view.
  • Increased security: Because they open from the inside, these windows are harder to access from outside your home.

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What Are the Common Parts of a Casement Window?

Casement windows have some parts that you should know if you’re installing these windows in Washington, DC. These include:

  • Frame: The frame attaches the window to the home.
  • Casing: This decorative piece surrounds the window where the frame connects to the wall.
  • Sash: This part holds the glass panes and is typically made from wood, metal, or vinyl.
  • Hinges: Hinges allow the window to open and close like a door.
  • Crank: The handle at the bottom of the window cranks to open and close the window.
  • Stays: Stays support the window and keep it in place, even in wind and rain.
  • Latches: These lock the window closed and help with security, making it harder to break into your home.

With help from Zen Windows DC, you can enjoy the benefits of these windows and all of their parts. Our installation process is fast and easy, giving you the benefit of new windows without delay.

Hassle-Free, No-Money-Down Casement Window Installation in Washington, DC

Zen Windows DC is ready to help you enjoy new casement windows. We guarantee a no-hassle quote and installation process. We never use high-pressure sales tactics, and you can work directly with our local owner if you wish. Zen Windows DC also requires no money down. Don’t pay for your windows until you’re fully satisfied. That’s the Zen Windows DC difference.

You want your Washington, DC home to truly shine. Zen Windows DC can install new casement windows to give you the look and function you need. Call (301) 337-5656 or contact us online for a free quote.

FAQs About Casement Windows

Some of the frequently asked questions we receive include:

Are casement windows easy to break into?

Casement windows are hard to break into — especially Zen Windows DC casements. With other windows, once you break the glass, it’s easy to reach inside and unlock. Your casement windows can have:

  • Multiple panes separated by small air gaps
  • Non-metallic spacers
  • Superior quality frame material

Lotus and Nirvana casement windows both feature Delta heavy-duty locks and come with screen latches. Karma windows include zinc-cast, cam-action locks.

Are casement windows worth the investment?

In addition to the improved home comfort and lower energy bills you’ll enjoy from updated windows, replacement windows can deliver a return on investment of as much as 77.5% when you sell your home. And because Zen Windows DC guarantees workmanship and materials, you’ll enjoy your casement windows for a lifetime!

Can I install a casement window to meet egress requirements?

Yes. As an egress, casement windows have hinges on the side that swing in or out. Check your local codes to determine the required measurements.

How do you maintain casement windows?

Casement windows usually have smooth panes with no trim, so they’re easy to clean. Use water and a mild detergent and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel. Avoid abrasive lubricants and cleaners.

It’s important to occasionally lubricate the track, guide, and moving parts — hinges, hardware, multi-point lock pins. Dry silicone spray tends to work well for lubricating the hand crank.

What types of casements are available?

Every casement window style can be customized for your home’s architecture. The basic types include:

  • French/double casement windows: Cost slightly more but lower maintenance
  • Push-out casement windows: Durable and all-weather efficient that can be locked even when open
  • Single-frame casement windows: Open outward or in, allowing ventilation without compromising your security

Let’s plan your project! Call 301-337-5656 or contact Zen Windows DC to learn more about our door and window replacement services in the DC area. The best time of year for your Zen Windows project is when you’re ready.

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