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Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Washington, DC

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Your home’s energy efficiency measures are only as effective as the home’s weakest entry point. One poorly installed window or skylight can reduce your insulating powers exponentially. Energy-efficient windows can keep your indoor climate at its most comfortable in two ways:

  • They support your AC or HVAC system by preventing temperature loss.
  • They keep cold temperatures and chilly breezes where they belong: outdoors.

energy efficient windows installed in a sunroomThere are several ways your windows can achieve those ends, but insulated glass units (IGUs) are one of the most important. An IGU is a window unit with two or more panes per frame.

Those panes sandwich an inert gas like krypton or argon — both safe, scentless elements that create distance between glass layers so thermal expansion can occur unhindered.

Choosing the Most Energy-Efficient Window Glass & Frame

You don’t need several layers to achieve window insulation. Selecting the right materials will contribute enormously. Aluminum is frequently used as a window material because of its lower price, but its energy efficiency is not the best. In recent years, fabricators have developed new composites and fiberglass that outlast wood yet are more insulating than aluminum. We choose vinyl windows for several reasons:

  • They can achieve many surfaces and architectural styles.
  • Their return on investment is tough to beat.
  • They are easy to maintain and cheap to install.

Understanding Emissivity of Window Glass

Low-emissivity coatings are an invisible, insulating layer that can be applied to your windows to improve insulation. They add to your insulating powers and manage heat transfer. Low-E coatings can be applied to triple- or double-pane glass to improve your results. Your options include:

  • Passive hard coats that achieve a powerful, lasting bond
  • Solar control soft coats that need to be sealed in insulated glass

Low-E coatings will reduce your infrared light, so there is such a thing as too much efficiency. Hard-coat layers are best for cold climates, where long-wave heat energy needs to be reflected back indoors. Soft coatings suit most U.S. climates, which require at least some sun protection. 

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Window Styles With the Best Energy Efficiency

energy efficient picture window installation

Picture windows are often referred to as the most insulated windows on the market. They’re certainly less prone to drafts and ventilation leaks, but bay and casement windows can achieve just as much climate protection if they’re well-insulated by brick and foam.

ENERGY STAR® certified windows and frames achieve excellent insulation if they’re carefully installed and professionally sealed. The secret to success is not the style of window but its treatments and installation strategy. Double- and triple-pane windows remain some of the best options for retaining your indoor temperature.

Window leakage can be caused by several product failures, from poor caulking to leaky trims. You should improve insulation at every stage of the installation process, from basic weatherstripping to glazing. This is why a seasoned professional is necessary. With in-depth knowledge of all stages of insulation, Zen Windows can achieve incomparable results.

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