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Hopper Window Installation and Replacement in the Washington, DC Area

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Interested in window options for your first-floor bathroom or basement? Turn to Zen Windows DC for hopper window installation. Hopper windows utilize a bottom-hinged system to increase airflow in a room, and they’re perfect for small spaces or rooms that need more privacy. These unique windows are a great way to bring natural light and fresh air to darker spaces in the home. Add custom hopper windows to your home to accommodate the specific needs of your living space. Find out below why hopper windows might be a better solution than awning windows for your home.

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What Are Hopper Windows?

hopper window installationWhile similar to awning windows, hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and typically open inward from the top. In contrast, awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. Hopper windows are typically installed in basements to bring more light and ventilation to otherwise dark and stuffy areas.

Pros and Cons of Installing Hopper Windows

There are numerous benefits to bringing this window style into your home. With hoppers, you bring light to darker spaces of your home, and the airtight seal against the window’s weatherstripping makes them extremely energy-efficient. The top latch lock also makes these windows more secure than other window types. They can also open inward or outward, unlike awning windows.

However, hopper windows also come with their own set of challenges every homeowner should consider before installing in a bathroom or a basement. These windows opening outward can trap rainwater, debris, and insects falling down the side of the house because of their V-shaped opening. Inward-opening hopper windows can interfere with drapes and curtains in the home. Additionally, the top latch can be hard to reach and may require a chair or stepladder to access.

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