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Round-Top Window Replacement in Washington, DC

round top window window installed in homeRound-top windows add an elegant and refined atmosphere to your home. They create a light and airy ambiance that the whole family will enjoy. They are often referred to as half-moon windows, radius windows, or arched windows; they are professionally referred to by their French moniker, “lunettes,” or “little moon.”

These famous little moons are popular around the Washington, DC metro area. The team at Zen Windows DC has significant experience adding these as part of remodeling or new construction. Whether the home was built recently or 100 years ago, you will find that lunettes will add curb appeal and enhance your comfort.

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The Many Styles of Round Top Windows

Arched windows are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. These windows can be custom-fit to blend in with the design of your home. Some of the most common arched windows we install include:

  • Fixed-Arch Windows – Typically used for style and decorative flair, fixed-arch windows are fixed and don’t open. They are weatherproofed and ideal for adding light to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
  • Single-Hung Arch Windows – These windows are fitted with an operating sash. This allows you to open them from either the top or the bottom, depending on your preference.
  • Double-Hung Arch Windows – These windows have two operating sashes. This allows you to open them from both the top and the bottom as desired.
  • Arch Casement Windows – These windows have sashes that are hinged on the sides. This allows you to open them from either side of the casement.

Wondering how much it would cost to add arched windows to your home? Don’t wait and wonder; contact the team at Zen Windows DC at (301) 337-5656. It is our pleasure to answer your questions and provide you with a free quote for our installation services.

The Many Advantages of Round Top Windows

You will see round-top windows throughout the Washington, DC region. The U.S. Capitol, National Cathedral, and countless homes and businesses in the region stand out as some of the most well-known. Arched windows give these buildings a professional atmosphere that is tempered with charm and refined elegance. Adding arched windows to your home or business can create a whole new appearance for the structure. Whether they are added to front-facing walls or the side of your building, they offer superior illumination and ventilation.

Our Replacement Windows

Our clients demand quality, and that is why we only offer superior products manufactured by the world’s most dependable manufacturers. We offer three distinct lines of replacement windows that fit both your budget and design taste.

  • Karma – The high-performance Karma line features windows with a double-pane construction that is as energy-efficient as it is ergonomic.
  • Nirvana – Similar to the Karma line, the Nirvana line delivers superior thermal protection. These windows also feature a heavy-duty vent lock.
  • Lotus – The Lotus line offers triple-pane windows that feature Ultra S and Solar Ultra S glass options. Ideal for security, the fiberglass reinforcement will keep you safe and sound.

Ready to enjoy the benefits that reliable replacement windows for your home or business offer? Contact the team at Zen Windows DC at (301) 337-5656 or request a free quote. It is our pleasure to show you why we’re the region’s premier window installation company.

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