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Special Shaped Window Installation in Washington, DC

special shaped windowsWhy limit your windows to rectangular shapes when you have an entire gamut of geometric profiles to consider? Welcome to the world of special shaped windows: the creative option for unique homeowners. At Zen Windows DC, we have the skill to handle these eclectic installations as we have worked with a wide range of different materials and configurations. We’ll help you to arrive at a style that reflects your personality best.

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What Are Special Shaped Windows?

You might know special shaped windows by their other names: geometric or specialty windows. Their unusual shapes are their most overt characteristic, so you’ve probably seen them in a huge array of configurations. Think of them as tiny works of art that you can install throughout your home. They invite extra light indoors and add creative flair.

Can You Open Special Shaped Windows?

All special shaped windows are essentially picture windows, in the sense that they don’t open. Architects usually place them on walls that require light but not ventilation. You can also place them above or alongside functional windows to add a custom touch.

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Window Shapes to Consider

  • Standard geometric windows include triangles, octagons, pentagons, and trapezoids, but not all need to fit inside the box. Add circular elements with full ellipses or eyebrows.
  • Gothic windows are shaped like arches and are typical of religious buildings.
  • Transom windows add spectacular eccentricity to entryways, particularly when used between horizontal beams or crosspieces. Add a mullion to create a classic accent that will flood your hallway with light.
  • Trapezoid windows suit gabled, triangular ceilings. Otherwise known as triangle windows, they add a rustic ambiance to your curb. Place them above rectangular windows for a floor-to-ceiling view.

Pros and Cons of Geometric Windows

Special shaped windows are design elements rather than functional venting elements. They don’t open, so they can improve your indoor lighting without reducing your energy efficiency. If you hate the cold and want to reduce your carbon footprint, they’re one of the easiest ways to achieve the best of both worlds. They’re remarkably easy to maintain and can even add to your resale value. Decorative vinyl transom windows can produce a return on investment of 85%, so you’ll recoup your expenses in no time.

Tracking down window companies that handle geometric windows can be near impossible because they require a little extra care and time. Zen Windows DC counts those qualities as a plus, so you can count on us to handle all your custom shapes. We’ll even help you to choose the right shape for your building.

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Choosing the Right Window Shape for Your Home

Every custom window has its own aesthetic benefits. High clerestory and gothic windows have their roots in cathedrals and temples, so they lend an austere, graceful style to any space. These shapes are often placed beneath the ceiling, so they add light without reducing your privacy. Arched oval or circular windows are a touch less formal. Their arch can break the parallel lines of a square home and offset triangular arches. You can also add grilles, mullions, or dividers for a charming village ambiance. Bold circular shapes are more distinctive and contemporary. In contrast, Palladian windows are a little more ornate and timeless.

Zen Windows will turn your architectural dreams into a glittering reality. Our no-money-down guarantee and double warranty create an affordable and assured experience. We don’t sell. We serve, so call us for a no-pressure experience at (301) 337-5656.

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